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Dad Taking Kids to See “Black Panther” Finds Them Getting Ready and Is Stunned at What He Sees

She’s a future makeup artist!

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Sometimes kids can really surprise us with their skills and the things they figure out how to do, sometimes seemingly on their own. We don't always realize that they're paying attention to everything, learning, observing...and growing up. And sometimes those skills are honestly pretty impressive!

Like in this video from @snackbandits. The family is planning on going to see the new "Black Panther" movie, "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever." Dad is filming, going to gather up his girls...but what he finds totally blows him away. 

"Dakota doing Dylan's makeup for the @marvel movie BLACK PANTHER" the father wrote, clearly stunned by the level of artistry he found. Seriously, those little girls look amazing! Not sure how old Dakota is, but dad wasn't kidding when he hashtagged this video #worldsyoungestmakeupartist and #princessofmakeup. It's so cool when kids find a creative outlet that they excel at and truly enjoy. And it's safe to say that Dakota has found a medium that works for her (though she'll probably grow up to do tons of other cool stuff, too). 

Commenters were super impressed with Dakota's skills, too...
"Excuse me! The gasp I gursped! They look AMAZING!!! Dakota is an artiste!!!"
"It's Dylan's lil eyes shifting back and forth between the two"
"Can we talk about that baby being that little and staying still for the process?"
"Are we not gunna talk about how she SLAYED both faces. Sign me up for the class!"
"Dakota has a future as a brilliant makeup artist"

Wow. Sometimes kids show their talents early! And apparently, according to the dad, Dylan doesn't mind sitting still because she loves getting her makeup done so much. What a great activity for these two sisters!