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Little Sister Helps Blind Big Brother Overcome His Fear Of Waterslides in Touching Video

This little girl is truly special.

One of the best parts of having a second child is seeing their relationship bloom with their older sibling — and usually, this leads to seeing our kids grow in new totally new ways that we couldn't have predicted until it happens. Where one child might be extremely brave, another might be a bit more hesitant, but that's where the courage of a little sister can really come in handy.

This is what happened with siblings Ashton and Ocean, who we were introduced to in a TikTok video. Though Ashton is blind, Ocean has her eyesight, and even though she's only six years old, she helped encourage him to try something new that had him a bit worried at first.


"Ocean is always one of the first ones to encourage Ashton to try new things even when he’s scared. Yesterday she convinced him to go down the water slide together," their mom explained in the video's caption.

In the video, we can see Ocean leading her brother to the slide at a waterpark, and by the time they made it to the bottom, they were both all smiles. 

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"It was beautiful watching my 6 year old supporting her big brother and being there for him. Siblings of children who are blind are always the first ones to encourage them to try hard things," their mom wrote.

We're glad to see that Ashton didn't miss out on an experience he ended up loving. He and Ocean are lucky to have each other! 

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