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Mom Praises Blippi’s ‘Mind Control Powers’ With Video of Picky Son Eating a Carrot

Just what is it about his charms?

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For those of us with kids who have discovered Blippi, we know this man is nothing short of magical when it comes to keeping them entertained. Say what you want about screen time, but sometimes it's necessary to getting things done around the house with toddlers — and at least Blippi is educational! 

Case in point: This video, shared by a mom on TikTok. Like most kids, her child isn't super into the idea of eating vegetables, but it looks like his favorite kids' star is going to change all of that. After watching Blippi talk about carrots, he actually asked for one and ate it. What did we say? Magic! 


As Mom explained in the video, she didn't have high hopes when her son asked her for carrots, but he totally proved her wrong! 

"This kid has never eaten a carrot in his life!" she wrote. "I've tried. His therapist has tried. Many many times. But today, he saw Blippi eating a carrot so of course he ate the carrot. What the heck Blippi?! Whatever Jedi mind trick you're pulling on my son... keep it up." 

This kiddo isn't the only one, either. According to the comments on the video, plenty of other kids have been positively influenced by Blippi, too. 

Next time you're sick of seeing the man in orange suspenders on your screen, think about this kid eating carrots. Blippi may be all that's on in our houses some days, but they really do seem to be learning something from him.