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Toddler Describes To Mom In Graphic Detail the ‘Bloody’ Ghosts He Sees In Living Room

Apparently, they are “everywhere.”

Evidence of kids and their ability to see things beyond our plain of existence is pretty well documented. Because they aren’t really bound to all of the “rules” society forces on adults. While sometimes these other worldly interactions are beautiful visits from passed on loved ones, other times they are far more sinister.

And judging this video shot by a mom in in the middle of her vacation living room, we’re sadly going to have to go with the latter on this one. 


“I see the blood on the ghosts,” you hear a sweet voice coming from a young toddler boy as he backs up from the floor to sit onto the couch.

The mom pulled out her camera and once he settled into he seat she asks him to repeat what he said. He keeps telling her that there are ghosts covered in blood all over the house in the dark. She asks him several times if he really see them or if he is pretending and he stays true to his story. 

People urged the mom to believe her son and do whatever she could to protect him and make him feel safe. 

“Let him know he can tell them to leave him alone and to go away,” one user wrote. “Many children can see them.”

The mom updated in the comments that this happened in a condo they were staying in for vacation, so luckily these bloody ghosts aren’t haunting them full time. here’s to hoping the little dude gets to continue on being the happy kiddo he appears to be!