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Parents Stay Up Until Midnight Working On Cutest Birthday Surprise “Blue’s Clues” Fans Will Love

What a lucky and very well loved kid.

It's funny how when you have a little kid and they're obsessed with a certain TV show or character, it sort of takes over your entire life. Before you know it, everything around you is covered in images from that TV show: cups, plates, clothes, bedsheets, toys, even furniture. It's all that ONE THING. And if your child has a birthday coming up? Well, there's no question what the theme of the birthday party will be. 

That's the story with this super adorable video from @theashbutton in which a mom and dad with a Blue's Clues-obsessed son are staying up past midnight to paint blue pawprints to put on all the presents and turn them into clues. 


Wow, and he'll get to dress up in his Blue costume to go on his clue hunt! That's about as much fun as any 2-year-old can have on their birthday. He's super lucky that his parents are so creative and loving. The truth is, it doesn't take much to make a 2-year-old happy on their birthday. A balloon and a cupcake are pretty much all they need. But this very special Blue's Clues hunt is going to be such a special memory for the whole family, it's really worth going above and beyond. 

Commenters were totally in love with this idea, even if some couldn't help but point out that the paw is supposed to have four toes, not five (close enough!):
"blues clues was my favorite. this made me sob thank you for your love and presence in his life."
"What an awesome idea! Bet he was super happy! Good job parents"
"Exactly what I would’ve wanted as a kiddo. This is so perfect and wholesome."
Well done, mom and dad! Hopefully they got some sleep before their little puppy woke up.

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