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This Is the 'Bluey' and 'Stranger Things' Crossover Parents Need

Are they talking about Hopper?

When it comes to children's programming, it's hard to top Bluey. Sure, Sesame Street is a classic, but when it comes to shows parents want to watch with their toddler, following along with Bluey and Bingo's adventures is where it's at. Once in awhile, they'll slip in a joke or reference that's meant for the grown ups who are watching, too. 

And if you're one of those grown ups who has been obsessed with Stranger Things lately, this one's for you! One parent pointed out a reference made about Hopper in an episode of Bluey and shared the evidence on TikTok, and we can't help but chuckle at it.


In the clip, Chili, Bandit, and Pom-Pom's mom are all chatting about TV. "Oh, I hope they bring him back for Season 4," Pom-Pom's mom says, while Chili replies, "Yeah, they do! Haven't you seen the trailer? He's in Russia or something?" 

At that point, Bandit walks away (almost as if he's upset that he may have been spoiled!) and the TikTok ends. Considering the fact that this episode aired before the new season of Stranger Things dropped, this is pretty funny. Even dog parents are into the same things we human parents are! 

If Bandit and Chili are Stranger Things fans, that's just one more way we relate to them. Wonder what they thought about that finale?