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Husband Gifts Wife a “Boob Cake” to Celebrate Her End of Pumping Journey

Get you a man...

It's funny, before you get married and have kids you have one idea about what romance means. And then, once the honeymoon stage is over (and the parenthood stage has begun). your ideas about what romance really means shift along with your priorities. 

That's when something like what the husband does in this video from @alliexo is actually super meaningful and just about the most romantic thing ever. See, Allie recently finished her pumping journey, and to celebrate this monumental occasion, her husband baked her a cake. Well, two cakes, actually. 

How adorable! As the mom writes, "get yourself a husband who makes you a boob cake when you're done pumping" and "Never settle for less." Absolutely! This is just one of the sweetest things any husband could do for his breastfeeding wife. It shows that he's grateful for all her hard work and knows how lucky he is to have a wife who'll make sacrifices for their family.

Commenters just thought this husband was so sweet...
"My husband is still asleep and he's going to wake up and have no idea why I'm mad at him now"
"yes but mine needed to be ovals not circles"
"Love it! I was a cake maker for years. One year I commented that it would be nice if someone made my cake, and didn't buy it. My husabnd stayed up all night and made me a unicorn cake. She wasn't a beauty, but it's my favourite cake ever to this day."
"I love him"
"I LOVE this so much!!!! It's no joke pumping, kudos to you mama"

Truth: It is no joke pumping, and to have a party at the end of it makes perfect sense. Kudos to this dad for thinking of this great idea!