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Kid Falls Asleep in a Box So Mom Does the Most Logical (and Hilarious) Thing She Can

That’s one way to handle it!

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When kids are tired, they're tired. Sometimes it comes over them all at once...they're just going and going and going and then suddenly...done. They're out. Doesn't matter where they are or what they're doing. Everything is fine and then it's just...time for sleep!

In this hilarious video from @kayladmiller97, we see one of these children who's been taken over by sleep in a major way. "0% chance of me waking him up," wrote the mom. The only issue is where he's fallen a cardboard box. 

Genius fix, mom! Seriously, what else was she supposed to do? I guess he was pretty much stuck in that box, like she couldn't just lift him out. But she couldn't leave him in the box to sleep all night. The only logical solution? Put the box in the bed. Totally makes sense. 

Commenters thought mom definitely did the right thing. Interestingly, quite a few people admitted to being "box kids" also, playing and even sleeping in boxes. We've all known forever that toddlers prefer the box the toy came in to the toy itself, but apparently even older kids can get some good play mileage out of a decent cardboard box. "I was a box kid," wrote one commenter. "My mom let me stay there. If I woke up sore the next day that was my own fault."

See, so it's better to put the box in a bed!

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