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Little Boy Proudly Shows Off His Art at Festival

I would have bought everything

It's so important to encourage kids in their passions and hobbies. When an adult takes a child's interests seriously, it can be incredibly validating and inspire them to keep on going. With the support of a grown-up, kids can grow and develop their talents with confidence. Like the little boy in this video from @kelly_narvaez. He's doing pretty great already: He's even got his own table at an arts festival. And artistic talent isn't the only thing this guy has going for him: he's a pretty excellent salesperson, too. Just check out these skills!


He's got the greatest attitude ever. His pride in his work shines through, and he's just sure that everybody there is going to see how great it is, too. He doesn't think twice about approaching passersby and directing them to his best pieces. That's the way to sell! Some artists aren't so great at self-promotion, but this little boy has everything he needs to get his career started: talent and a winning attitude. Commenters were totally enthusiastic...some even wanted to know where they could buy a drawing:
"I love it! Where can I find one"
"I woulda bought one"
"Little dude was rocking that amongus! I’ll be checking in to see when that Etsy shop pops up!!"
"I would have spend my last dollars on that art and made him sign it again" 
This little boy might just be starting out, but he seriously has everything he needs to make it. He's enthusiastic, he's prolific, he's a fabulous salesperson, and he has an amazing support system. He's gonna be a sell-out for sure!