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Little Boy Says a "Bad Word" and It's Actually Hilarious

He warns his parents first.

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Kids have different ideas about what "bad words" are. Some kids actually know all the bad words, they also know never to say them (or hopefully). Other kids know that bad words exist, they're just not 100% sure what they actually are...but they have their guesses. In this adorable video from @daniellecottom, the parents decide to ask their 5-year-old boy what bad words are...and he doesn't hold back. But first, he gives them fair warning: "You're not going to like this."


Awww. It's just too cute. If only hate actually were a bad word. At least it his in his mind right now, and maybe he'll never grow up to use it regularly. Because we could do with a lot less hate in this world, honestly. Change has to start with the little ones, because they're our next hope at creating a better world. It's also beyond adorable how he ends his tirade with a "good" word as a palate cleanser: "I love my parents." What a sweetie pie! Looks like his parents are doing something right.