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Little Boy Genuinely Complements His Mom's Makeup and It's Too Sweet

She must have felt so beautiful.

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When you're a mom, you're used to the attention being on your kid. Sure, you might do your makeup and get yourself as fixed up as you can manage from time to time, but your focus is still on your little one's outfit 98% of the time, not your own. That's why being appreciated from time to time is such a big deal, and why it's dang near miraculous when your little kid actually notices your appearance. Like the little boy in this video from @cweisslife. He's so genuine it's truly enough to bring tears to your eyes. 


That liitle boy knows just how to make his mom feel like a million dollars (good luck getting that eyelash glue to stick while you're crying, mama). What's so sweet is the way he looks at his mother...with just the sweetest sort of wonder. You can see how much he loves her and how she can do no wrong in his eyes. He wouldn't care if she never wore makeup, to be sure, but the fact that he actually noticed she was wearing it and complemented her? Too sweet. Commenters were just blown away by this sweet little soul: 
"This kid is a direct reflection of the love, empathy, compassion, and safety he has been shown and given."
"This is one of the most empathetic beings I’ve ever seen. Protect his little soul please." "He’s really concerned about your feelings. Precious little man will take care of you when he’s grown."
"If my future kids ain’t this sweet I’m sending them back for a new one"

Can't say I blame that last commenter. That kid really sets the bar high.