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Little Boy Is Looking Sharp For Country Day at School

He's one handsome fella.

A confident little kid is one of the most adorable things in all this world, especially when they're sporting a look that's really got them feeling themselves. When a kid knows they look good, there's nothing that can stop them. Whether it's a Halloween costume or a fancy outfit for a special occasion or just an outfit they're really into, some clothes can really make kids feel good about themselves. 

Take the absolutely adorable little boy in this video from @constructiondadof4. He's been waiting for his dad to get home so he can show off his look for Country Day at school the next day. His mom has him all decked out: cowboy boots, sleeves rolled up, straight-leg jeans, and attitude for miles. 


OMG. Stud is right! That boy checking his reflection out in the car has got to be one of the sweetest things ever, and if the world is fair at all, everybody in his entire class will be full of compliments for this sweet little cowboy. Also, as an aside, can you imagine how cute that whole class is going to look? 

Commenters totally fell for this little stud in a big way...
"Little man's feelin himself and I'm here for it!!!"
"I love when kids feel confident like this"
"He’s not a real cowboy?"
"Watch out ladies. Does he open and hold doors too? He is so cute. Way to go dad"
"I love that your fully giving him his moment and encouraging his confidence He's so handsome and funny"

This kid is just a born charmer, and with the right outfit, he's ready to take on the world. Here's hoping Country Day was a wild success.