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Mom’s Video of Young Boy With Autism Helping Neighbors Is Melting Hearts

He’s got such a sweet heart.

Teaching our kids to be kind and to help others is an important goal for most parents out there. We want our children to grow up to be good people, and that starts with setting an example ourselves with small acts of kindness that they can understand from a young age. 

One little boy on TikTok is already ahead of the curve. As his mom shared on the site, her son has autism, but his challenges haven't stopped him from being as helpful as he could be for one neighbor he thought could use a little assistance while he and his mom were out running errands. 


According to Mom, her son "makes it his mission" to help someone every day, and this time, it was an elderly woman he saw go into the convenience store. So he stood by the door and waited for her to finish shopping so he could open the door for her and offer some help. What a sweetie!

"His face at the end is the best part. He was so proud of himself! This boy is teaching me more than I'll ever be able to teach him," she wrote.

It really is totally worth it to watch the entire video to see his face — this is too perfect.

This mama is raising one awesome boy. Encouraging our kids to do one good deed a day is a great place to start.