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Little Boy's Hilarious Plea to Leave a Restaurant Will Give You Flashbacks to Your Childhood

We all know that feeling.

Most of us haven't been kids for a long time, but does anyone ever forget that feeling of being bored and waiting for your parents to finish a meal, an errand, or a conversation with another grown up and wanting nothing more than to just go home? That's where your toys are, after all. 

Just in case you need a bit of a reminder of what that feeling is like, this video ought to do it for you. Someone captured a video of a kid playing with a Magnadoodle while out to eat with his family, and the message he wrote on the board perfectly encapsulates that feeling of being so ready to leave.


There's something about the message he wrote combined with the melancholy music in the background that just really makes this video perfect, and the thousands of commenters certainly seemed to feel the same way.

"I used to always go whisper in my mom’s ear if we could go home," one user wrote.

Another person added, "This would have been my siblings. My parents could stay for hours after they finished eating." 

We do have to give him credit, though — he seems to be pretty patient in the video, if not blunt in getting his wishes across.

We hope this little boy got to go home and play with whatever he wanted after he was stuck being so bored at that restaurant. And the chances are pretty high that his parents got a chuckle out of his message, too.