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Baby Listens to Big Brother Over Mom In Hilarious Video

We can see who's boss here.

There's a certain phase that every toddler goes through. It could be called "doing potentially dangerous things and laughing" or "doing exactly what mommy is telling me not to do and laughing." The point is, toddlers like to do naughty things and laugh about it right in front of your face. Who can stop them? Perhaps an older sibling...

The toddler in this video from @annalu.murphy is fully in this phase. He's having a grand old time walking around on the top of the table in his little socks, laughing as mommy tells him that what he's doing is dangerous and he needs to stop. He definitely has no plans to stop, though, not until...big brother shows up.


So funny the way he gets startled when his big brother comes loudly along! Uh-oh, mommy is one thing, but BIG BRO is quite another. If a little brother is going to listen to anybody, it's most likely going to be a big brother. "Can you tell who rules the house?" mom wrote, and the answer is pretty clear. And as the mom added in the comments, "big brother is obsessed with the Incredible Hulk so if you listen carefully you can hear him 'Easton, Hulk smash is coming up there.'" Uh-oh! Here comes the Hulk, buddy! Better get down. 

Commenters were highly amused by this little guy's antics:

"His face said oh nooooo get me down"
"yeah, cause his Brother is yelling at him while his mom is not"
"His brother speaks with authority"
"tone of voice works every time and his big brother has got it in spades"
"Big brother doesn’t believe in gentle parenting"

Hey, big bro knew how to get the job done! That little guy was probably off the table in no time flat.