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Mom Gives Important Reminder While On a “Pink Shopping Spree” With Son

Gender doesn’t have a color, really.

Anybody who's ever gone shopping for kids knows that clothing and accessories tend to be very gender-specific: The girl stuff is pink purple and sparkly and unicorn-y, the boy stuff is blue and brown and rugged and sporty. While more brands and stores have been conscious of offering gender neutral options in recent years, the divide is still pretty distinct. It's up to parents to decide whether or not they want to raise their kids to follow these societal rules, or make their own way. But when kids are really young, they don't notice the invisible line separating the colors by gender, they just see what they like. For the adorable little boy in this video from @mommademagic, what he likes just happens to be everything pink and sparkly. And he doesn't care what anybody in his class says (bless his heart).


What a beautiful thing it is to watch a child who's confident in his choices and hasn't been made to feel insecure or "different" in some way. It's so great to see a mom supporting her little one and making him feel good about the things that mean something to him, instead of trying to make him fit into a typical "boy" mold. Here's hoping his backpack is a big hit with his classmates. 

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