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Toddler Spots His Mom After He Thought They Were Separated at Costco and It’s So Sweet

Baby boys just love their mamas...

As much fun as we have stocking up on snacks and household goods at giant warehouse stores like Costco, we can't deny that they're a little intimidating when we're shopping with kids. After all, kids do tend to wander off, and it can be just as scary for us as it is for them when they disappear from our view for a second. It happens so fast! 

For toddlers, it can be even more overwhelming... especially if they're not used to being out and about with their mamas. In the case of this little boy, he was actually safe in his shopping cart when he couldn't see his mom for a moment and totally panicked anyway.


"I put him through the back line with the Costco employees and this was his reaction when he realized I was still there!" Mom explained.

In the video, we get to see his face turn from a bit unsure to absolutely overjoyed to see his mama again. He immediately starts giggling, pointing, and waving — it's pretty clear how much he loves his mom just from this short clip.

(And we have to give this little guy props on his fashion sense, too. Everything from the overalls to the backwards baseball cap to the colorful shoes is totally on point. He looks adorable!)

One day he'll realize that Mom isn't going anywhere when she's just paying for groceries... but until then, we know she must be soaking up all the love when he gets so excited to see her face.