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Little Boy's "Self-Care" Time Includes Muddy Puddles

A bath is in his near future.

What do Peppa Pig and nearly every kid have in common? Besides the tendency to get a little whiny? They love muddy puddles. As adults, we look at muddy puddles and think of stain removal and shoe damage, but kids (and Peppa) see an open invitation to get up close and personal with nature and get right in there. As parents, we can either try to fight this inclination (and expect serious resistance) or just let go and allow our children to fulfill their puddle potential. That's what @pypersnyper did in this video. As she wrote, "My mans needed some self care time and didn’t want questions asked." 


Self care to a toddler = lying directly in a muddy puddle with all your clothes on. It's so adorable how he's whispering in the beginning...this is clearly a very sacred ritual for this little boy. The way he so carefully sits down and lies back in the puddle! Also, from the looks of his clothes, this was not his first puddle dip of the day. Looks like he'd already had quite a lot of mud-related fun. Commenters were all about his DIY spa day:
"He’s earthing"
"Adults will pay $100/hr for this at a spa."
"He knows what up. peace and quiet. my favorite place"
"He’s in tune with nature and being himself that’s important at his age"
"this bring back memories from when I was a kid I used to sit in every puddle I seen"
It's really awesome that this mom put her stained clothing-related fears and mess-resistance aside and just let this guy be himself. Self care is important.