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Parents Surprise Boy With His First Puppy and His Reaction Is So Sweet

He couldn’t believe it was real!

We'd be hard pressed to find any parents out there who haven't experienced what it's like to have your kids begging you for a pet (usually a puppy or a kitten, to be exact). Most kids absolutely adore animals, and even if their parents do too, it's a big commitment — and it's not always a request we can say yes to, even if we really want to.

But knowing how much some kids really want a pet, seeing their dream come true is so special. One mom shared a TikTok video of the moment she was able to surprise her son with a puppy of his own, and he had the best reaction. He must have seriously thought there was no way he was ever going to get a dog of his own!


He was laying on the couch when his dad came in holding the puppy and put him right in his son's lap. The little boy didn't realize that the dog was real at first, but after he pet the pup for the first time, his whole expression changed — we can see him realizing that his dream is coming true right on his face!

It wasn't long before the waterworks began, and it's easy to see why Mom and Dad ended up getting emotional, too. 

This is the start of a beautiful friendship. We know this puppy is about to have a great life!