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People Are Cheering For this Little Boy Who Was Sent to the Principal’s Office For Defending Sister

He did the right thing.

When we have children, we hope that they'll be each other's biggest fans and protectors, especially when we aren't around to fill those roles for them. There's no guarantee that all sibling relationships turn out like that, but some kiddos take that responsibility very seriously, even from a young age.

In the case of one family on TikTok, one brother was not pulling any punches when it came to making sure that nobody messed with his sister — even though it meant that he got sent to the principal's office. After an incident where the little boy's friend wanted to hit his sister, he immediately went into protective brother mode. Seeing him retell the story himself just proves how strongly he felt about what happened!


The passion in this little guy's voice as he described what happened — especially the part where he told the other kid to "back off" — is proof that this sister has a defender in him for life. 

"I told him 'If you wanna hit her, you gotta go through me first,'" he said, sharing that the kid went running because he thought he was about to make good on that promise. Can't blame him — we wouldn't want to mess with this brother either!

The best part of the video had to be his sister in the background, hanging onto his every word. She sure does love him!

In a comment on the video, Mom shared that her kids aren't in trouble at school, and that they're looking into what happened. Hopefully, this gets resolved quickly. We wouldn't want to see what happens if this little guy gets mad again!