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Little Boy's Reaction to Receiving a Baby Doll For His Birthday Is Just Too Precious

It's official. We love this kid.

Say whatever you want about millennial parents, but one thing we are getting right is helping our kids be the truest version of themselves. If that means a little girl wants to play with fire trucks, that's cool. Little boy wants to wear sparkly dresses? Let's get him matching shoes. The point is, these kids deserve to be whoever they want to, and so long as that still entails being a good human, what do we care what the "packaging" looks like?

More and more parents are developing this philosophy, and what's more is they are seeing an immediate return on their investment. Don't believe us? Just check out this little boy's precious reaction to receiving a doll as a present.


The absolute joy and gratitude he is showing tells you that yes it was totally worth it for these parents to purchase their little dude a lovely dolly. With a big smile on his face he repeatedly cuddles the baby doll close and talks about how cute it is.

Followers comments were extremely supportive, and congratulated the mom for setting her son up for success as a parent.

"Maybe if more boys had dolls when they were little they would be better dads," wrote user @Therese Welsch.

While others commented on how this social stigma of "boys playing with girl toys" needs to be put to rest. User @user6625157920125 said "Never understood the stigma around it, children enjoy mimicking adult life, parenting is one of those things."

And the truth is, there is no harm in letting your child play with a toy. After all, toys are merely tools; Why not give them access to every single one (with in reason) that can help them grow, learn and mature?