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Toddler’s Reaction To Learning He’s Getting the Baby Sister He’s ‘Always’ Wanted Is Heart-Melting

These two are just too precious.

Some kids just know what they want. While we expect our kids to go through about a million phases in their lifetime. occasionally something they really want at a young age sticks. Sometimes it is a hobby or character that stays with them, and sometimes it’s something big that really shows what their personality will be like,

For one little boy, since he was 1-years-old, he has wanted a baby sister. And years later when he finally gets his wish come true, his reaction was priceless.


The video clip begins with the little boy saying he wants a baby sister and then cuts to years later where a family gender reveal showed a little girl is on the way. And perhaps the only thing that beats the little boy’s reaction is the gorgeous relationship that has unfolded between these two. This kid has proven to be the best big brother, doting on his little sister every chance he gets,

People were absolutely swooning over these two precious kids. 

“Okay but his lil celebration when he found out he’s getting a sister,” admired one follower.

“That little girl is going to have the best protector ever,” added another.

Considering the way that he cuddles her and snuggles her close, we definitely see a sweet future unfolding between the two. Here’s to hoping that sibling bond only gets stronger.