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Girlfriend Records Boyfriend Hanging Mom’s Curtains For the Saddest and Sweetest Reason

You deserve nice things.

Part of growing up is coming to terms with the fact that our parents are human, for better or for worse, and becoming even more aware of the sacrifices they made for their children. Sometimes, they skipped out on having nice things they wanted. Sometimes, it was experiences they didn't get to have because their children came first. 

But as adults, sometimes we have the ability to make those dreams they sacrificed come true, however small some of them might be. And as one awesome daughter shared on TikTok, that meant that the curtains she and her partner bought her mom were a truly meaningful gift, even if they don't seem like it on the surface.


"My dad never let my mom have curtains because they were "too luxury to afford" so today my partner went and bought her everything she needed for them and hung them himself. She deserves for her house to feel just as pretty as she is," the woman wrote.

In the video, we can see the boyfriend hanging the curtains up, which is such a sweet gesture. We just wish we could have seen her mom's reaction! 

So many people in the comments were impressed by this boyfriend's actions. "Sounds like you picked the right partner. Anyone who treats you mom like a queen is a winner," one person wrote.

That's the truth. It sounds like she's got an amazing boyfriend, and we're glad to see that her mom is finally able to have the curtains she wanted. Everyone deserves nice things, even curtains.