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Dad Catches Boys Bonding In The Backseat & It's Adorable

Brothers for life

Child development experts talk a lot about "catching kids being good," i.e., celebrating the moments when they do the right thing instead of just disciplining them when they do the wrong thing. In @uncle_earl84's video, the two little boys playing in the backseat get caught doing the absolute right thing: complementing each other. 


In case you can't quite catch what the little brother is saying, he's telling his big bro that he's so smart and asking how he can be smart like him. (Aww.) As @uncle_earl84 writes, "He is SUPER smart and I make it my business to remind him of it regularly. Ej rubs off on Cam and it’s truly BEAUTIFUL They complement one another"
What a beautiful way to raise brothers. No competition, no fighting, just a mutual admiration society. Imagine growing up with that kind of support on your side. 
To always have someone you can go to who you know believes you're the absolute best you can be. 

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