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Family of Little Boys Is Shocked by Hospital Gender Reveal

They're so excited!

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Every gender reveal is exciting, but some are more dramatic than others, for a variety of reasons. One situation when a gender reveal might feel a little more high stakes is in a family where there's already, say, a bunch of boys and everybody can't help but hope for a little girl. Not that they wouldn't love another brother, of course! But everybody likes a little variety.

That's exactly the scenario in this video from @aivanelli. Four brothers have come to the hospital where their mom just had a new baby for a gender reveal. The baby is all swaddled, and there are two blankets on the bed: A pink one and a blue one. As mom holds the baby, hovering over the two blankets, tensions run high. Which one is she going to choose?!

A little sister at last! They're so excited! "Their reactions are everything," wrote their mom. "Absolutely SMITTEN." 

So cute to see them jumping up and down! It's safe to say this little girl is going to have all the attention she needs and then some from her big brothers. 

Commenters thought this was such a sweet scene:
"RIP her future love life with all the older brothers so cute"
"The youngest boy is gonna be her best friend & biggest protector! He patted the girl blanket so hard"
"I love how the one little guy is so anxious to hold her"
"This is priceless! She will be one loved and protected little girl!"

The comments are true; her brothers will be her biggest supporters in life. And anybody starting out in the world with four adoring bodyguards is doing okay.

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