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Mom Lets Boys Take a ‘Forbidden’ Swim and Their Reactions Are Pure Dopamine

They were beyond excited to “break” the rules.

Moms are usually the ultimate enforcers of all the rules, and a lot of times, they're the ones who end up saying "no" the most. No to a third snack right before dinner, no to staying up past bedtime — it's all in our kids' best interest, but they don't always look at it this way. Fortunately, the upside to being the one who has to say no means that when we can surprise our kids by breaking the rules every once in awhile, it totally blows their mind.

One of those things many parents usually say no to is swimming while wearing clothes instead of swimsuits, but one mom recently decided to flip the script, much to her sons' absolute delight. 


As mom explained in her caption, she and her boys were at the pool for a reason other than swimming, so she didn’t come prepared with swimsuits and towels. But that day, she didn’t let that stop her from letting her kids get into the pool — and they were in total shock when she told them they could jump in while wearing their shorts.

Seeing the looks on the boys' faces is too precious. They all got to experience the sheer thrill of breaking the rules, and after their swim was done, they all three made a break for it, hoping that no one would catch them after breaking the rules! 

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These boys will probably spend a lot of days at the pool in their lives, but something tells us that this particular day will always be one that sticks out in their minds, even when they're all grown up.

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