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Doctor Explains How It Is Scientifically Impossible to Spoil Your Newborn With Affection

All of those cuddles matter, mama.

If you've ever had a baby before, you're probably familiar with the phenomenon of people coming out of the woodwork to offer advice — and if that advice is coming from older family members, it's very likely outdated. A lot of things that were safe just a couple of decades ago aren't anymore. And at least one person is going to tell a new mom that she's going to "spoil" her baby by holding them too much.

The good news? That's not true — and there's a doctor on TikTok willing to shut down that misconception in case you need to send this video for proof to anyone in your life who might be telling you anything different.


In the video, Dr. Vanessa Lapointe is sharing why it's so important to show your newborn plenty of affection — and why it's impossible to "spoil" them when they're that tiny. 

"Your baby is growing 700 new neurological connections every second," she said. "By the time your babe goes to bed tonight, he has a whole new brain." 

She went on to say that baby cries, and the parents will offer affection, and that affection — however it's shown — is being soaked up by the baby as those new connections are being made.

"You are regulating him multiple times a day so when he's 37, he will be so capable of doing that for himself. You gift him that opportunity to be fully dependent upon you, and when you do so, you allow him the chance to become a fully mature human being. It isn't about teaching independence, it's about gifting dependence," she said.

What a beautiful thing to offer your child. Mamas, hold those babies — they grow up way too fast.