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Dad Who Suffered a Major Brain Injury Gets to Hold Newborn for the First Time and It’s So Precious

This poor family has been through so much

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Some families go through so much, it's a wonder that they manage to stay so strong. But it's all about love. Love is what keeps families going when the times get tough, and faith that things will work out. 

In this video from @jacobstbijourney, we see a new dad who's been through an unbelievably tough experience, and he's getting to do skin-to-skin with his new baby for the very first time. It's so incredibly touching. This dad suffered from a traumatic brain injury not too long ago, and is still on the very challenging road to recovery. Also, his baby girl was born early, so at first, nobody was even allowed to hold her. 

But now that he finally can do skin-to-skin, this new dad has a goal to hold her for 30 minutes. And he's gonna make it!

So sweet. It really makes you think about how you can't take a single moment in life for granted. Surely this is just the first of many beautiful father-daughter snuggles to come. Still, this dad has lots of work ahead on his road to wellness, too. And it's the love from his family that will give him that strength. 

Commenters were so inspired by this story and by this new dad's triumph. Lots of people couldn't help but notice the "pure joy" on his face and how the video was just filled with so much love. It's so easy to look at a family like this one and just focus on the challenges and the struggle, but it's so much more important to celebrate the good times, like this one. More good times are ahead!

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