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Breastfeeding Mom Trying to Soothe Her Baby With Anything But Milk Is Relatable AF

The kid knows what she wants...

Being a mom is challenging enough, but breastfeeding is something else altogether, especially in those early weeks and months. Many moms who have nursed before are familiar with the feeling of essentially becoming a human pacifier... and many who are feeling a bit touched out at the end of the day will do anything to make that stop! 

Enter this mom on TikTok, who is trying anything and everything to prove that she can settle her baby without nursing. And bless her heart, she really is trying everything. A diaper change, offering screen time and swing time, playing on the floor — they really do go through the whole list.

But in the end, they just end up breastfeeding anyway. This feels way too relatable to so many of us.


Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), plenty of fellow moms shared their support and understanding in the comments on the post, so at least if nothing else, she knows she's not alone! 

Some moms warned her that this could happen for as long as two years if she continues to nurse, while others called being able to calm her baby down in this way her "super power." 

"It’s typical mama. You’re doing a terrific job," one person wrote.

This phase too will pass, mama. The first year is full of ups and downs, but none of them last forever.