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Grandmom Celebrates Daughter’s 1 Year Breastfeeding Journey and It’ll Move You to Tears

All moms deserve this recognition and support.

No matter how you end up feeding your baby, being a mother isn't easy, and breastfeeding can come with some particularly difficult challenges. Keeping up with supply, working hard to pump, the nights without sleep, all while adjusting to the change of having a new member of the family? It's something to be proud of.

And while many moms are often sentimental about their own breastfeeding journeys, somehow, it means even more when others acknowledge the effort it took to make it to a nursing milestone. On TikTok, one proud grandma shared what she did when her daughter made it to one year of breastfeeding, and seeing how appreciated this mom felt by it all is a bit emotional. 


In the video, the grandma reminds her daughter of the anniversary of her breastfeeding journey before presenting her with a very special gift: A ring made from her breastmilk.

"You've given of yourself and everything around you for your son. You're not done yet, you know that," she said, adding, "you have been a pacifier, a cow, a teething ring, a jungle gym, and a comforter, all of which has been quite painful but you've pushed through and I know you're not done yet." 

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In a follow up video, Mom looked so touched by the gesture, and the ring itself was beautiful. 

Of course, the bond she shares with her son is special enough, but it's even better to see it's acknowledged by someone so important in her life. Congrats on making it to one year, mama!

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