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Mom Makes Important PSA About Breastfeeding On Vacation Everyone Should Listen to

Just feed the baby mom!

Whether moms choose formula or opt to breastfeed, there's still a huge stigma around how we feed our kids — and when we feed them, and where we feed them, and sometimes, even what we're doing while we feed them. But despite the fact that breastfeeding in public is taboo at times, some moms have managed to find a way to tune out all the noise and do what matters: Get that baby fed.

This was one mom's M.O. during a beach vacation with her kiddos. In a very enlightening TikTok video, this mama didn't want to have to choose between missing out on precious beach time and making sure her baby was fed, so she simply decided not to choose.


Her decision created a sweet moment breastfeeding her baby as the waves crashed around them — undoubtedly something she'll remember forever. And at the same time, she wanted her video to serve as a PSA to moms everywhere not to miss out on life because they feel like they should hide when the time comes to nurse. And now,  people are cheering her on as she does it.

"FEED YOUR BABIES!!!! Let’s all stop caring what others think. We are humans, and we have the right to do as we like as long as it’s not hurting," one user commented. 

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"I'm glad you got to experience the joy of the beach and providing for your baby. More power to ya," another added.

Good for her reminding us to care a little less when it comes to what other people might think about our parenting choices. 

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