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This Twist On a Breastmilk Keepsake Is So Beautiful

Talk about a family heirloom in the works...

For those who choose to breastfeeding, it can be an incredibly emotional journey. After all, it's not always easy to feed another human being using your body — and that's just scratching the surface of what it means to nurse a baby. It's hard to wean and walk away from that part of your life as mother, but for those of us who are sentimental about it, all is not lost! 

There are a lot of cool breastfeeding keepsakes out there, but one we recently saw on TikTok has really caught our attention. It's not just about Mom's experience, it includes something really cool that's part of her baby boy, too.


The artist making the keepsake poured the breastmilk into a wooden mold, and incorporated some of the baby boy's hair — and since he has two colors in his hair, she was able to include both, which was really important to Mom. 

"We made a heart with each half being a different color of hair so that their differences could be highlighted," the artist shared. "Such a special keepsake to commemorate her journey into motherhood and the bond between them." 

The finished piece is revealed at the end of the video, and wow — it's truly stunning! This mom is so lucky to have something like this that she can keep forever, and it sounds like she's happy with her keepsake.

"I love this piece so much! Thank you so much for creating something so so special to celebrate our journey! You are amazing!" Mom wrote in the comments.

It's gorgeous. So cool!