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“Breath Holding” Is Something Every Parent Should Know About

Not everyone might be aware that babies do this or what it looks like.

Becoming a new parent is totally overwhelming. No matter how much time you've spent around kids, nothing can prepare you for what it means to be a newborn's caretaker 24/7... especially considering the fact that babies do all kinds of weird things that a lot of people have no idea even happen.

One of those things? Breath holding. Not every baby does it, but some babies have breath holding spells that last up to one minute, and sometimes, they may even pass out — and this can happen for a few different reasons, including iron deficiency anemia. But it's more common than you might think, and thankfully, one parent on TikTok is showing us what that looks like so parents can be prepared.


In the video above, we can see what it looks like after a baby's breath holding spell — and how surprised and upset the baby herself looks, since of course, she has no idea what's happening. This can be scary for parents and babies, but knowing what to look for in case it happens is so important. 

The good news? If your child does this, they're likely to be just fine, and most kids outgrow it by the time they're five years old. 

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Of course, it's very important to talk to your pediatrician or even call 911 if your child seems to be having trouble regaining their breath, maintaining their consciousness, turns blue or gray, or is shaking. Stay safe! 

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