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Mom Perfectly Shares The Struggle of Bringing a Newborn Home to a Wild Toddler

It's rough, we can't lie.

There are a lot of ups and downs that come with bringing a new baby home, let alone when that baby isn't the firstborn. Sibling relationships can be tricky, after all, and getting a toddler adjusted to not being the only kid in the house can be a huge challenge. Some kids are excited to be a big brother or sister, while others act out.

But regardless of how the sibling relationship is going, there's one thing a newborn will learn about coming home to a house with a toddler in it: It's going to be wild. And as one mom shared on TikTok, you really can't underestimate the level of chaos that will inevitably ensue as the new baby is just trying to chill and adjust to life on the outside.


Set to the sound of a straight up brawl, complete with broken glass in the background, a new mom of two shared this video of her baby boy after he came home from the hospital. "When you break out of the hospital only to realize you have a 2.5 year old older brother waiting at home," she wrote.

The background noise is not too far off. After all, they don't call them the terrible twos for nothing — as much as we adore them, toddlers are on another level entirely. It almost makes taking care of a newborn like a vacation (note how we said "almost").  

Don't worry, Mom. Eventually, these two will join forces to create a combined level of chaos the house has never seen before. It's only a matter of time!