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Brother Sneaks Into Pregnant Sister’s House and Gives Her the Biggest Surprise

This was such a clutch move.

Anyone who's ever been pregnant knows that it's an emotional time (and that's really underselling it). Not only are your hormones all over the place, but you're preparing for a major change in your life, so it makes sense that you'd want to be surrounded by the people you love while you're going through all of this.

But unfortunately, circumstances don't always allow us to have our families close, and just when this expectant mom on TikTok was adjusting to the idea of not having her brother around for her pregnancy, he managed to pull off the biggest surprise ever. Judging from her reaction in this video, there's definitely no way she saw this coming!


This mom-to-be had been missing her brother, who had been in Ukraine and missed most of her pregnancy, not returning until she was already well into the third trimester at 34 weeks. And when he got back, he decided to do her and her husband a major favor: He built all the items in their nursery while they were asleep. 

"My husband and I have been working nonstop and this was huge," the very thankful sister wrote. 

The stroller, the swing, the pack and play, the bassinet — everything was put together, so that Mom and Dad no longer had to worry about it. And if you've ever built baby items like this before, you know how much frustration he just solved them!

If only we all had a brother like this in our lives!