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Boy Absolutely Breaks Down After Realizing His Big Sister Is Moving On to Another School

Grab the tissues, this is pretty sweet.

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Sometimes, the bond between siblings is such a beautiful thing to witness. Sometimes, it's less of a bond and more of a horror show, but sometimes, it really is a truly beautiful thing. That love like no other is fully on display in this video from @simplysadiejane. The younger brother is super upset because he's realized that his older sister is going into middle school and they won't be in the same school anymore. It's a big switch when you think about it...all of a sudden you're on your own, without knowing your older sister is in another room somewhere in the building if you need her. Contemplating his new reality has definitely made this little boy super sad, but his big sister is there for him. 


What the mom wrote is so beautiful and so true: “Vulnerability is our superpower. May we never forget it.” Even the dad had to cry at this moment, and who could blame him? Of course, there is one small comfort…eventually, these siblings will be in the same school again. And, as she promised, this sweet big sis will never let her little brother go.