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Big Brother Refuses to Leave Little Bro Behind

He's always got his back.

Brothers are brothers, right from the start. Sure, they fight. They don't always get along. Sometimes they'll even beat each other up. But the unbreakable bond between brothers is always there, right from the beginning, and it's a pretty special thing. 

In this video from @clintbryer, we see two young brothers; one is a toddler, the other looks to be around preschool age. It seems the toddler does not want to come along with his dad and big brother, presumably back home, because big brother has pajamas on and no shoes. But little brother doesn't want to come. So dad suggests they leave him behind. 

Big brother's reaction is so adorable.


How cute! "No, I don't want to leave my brother, Dad!" What a good boy. And then the way he gently rounds up his brother to bring him back so that his little brother didn't even protest! He might be a toddler-whisperer, too.

Commenters thought this big brother was so adorable...
"The shoulder shrug after he yelled come on so precious"
"Adorable!! Not that slight look back to make sure ur coming as well"
"LMAOO his “ill go get him” was so cute"
"The way he runs aggressively like he’s going to drag him back and then he gently takes him by the hand! And the bug or stick stomp at the end!"
"Parenting done right. Much respect sir"
"Harrison deserves a reward for being such a good brother!"
"The world needs more brothers like Harrison"

Indeed, the world does need more brothers like Harrison. For a tiny little guy, he's got a very responsible nature. That just might stay with him for his whole life!