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New Big Brother Begs to Hold His Sister and It’s So Sweet

He is destined to be an excellent brother.

The transition from only child to big brother or big sister isn't always an easy one, but for some kids, there's almost no adjustment period at all. Some little ones were just born to fit into that older brother or older sister role. Somehow, they already know how to be nurturing to someone much younger than they are and roll with the change in their households flawlessly.

One little boy who fits this description is going viral on TikTok right now. His parents caught the moment he met his baby sister for the first time, and even though he's just a tiny toddler himself, he had the sweetest reaction. 


The little boy, Coley, was sitting on the couch when his parents brought the new baby in, and he was already reaching for her before they even had the chance to put her in his lap. As soon as he got to hold her, he gave her a big smooch, and wasted no time telling her that he loves her. 

It's clear just from watching this clip that it was love at first sight, and commenters on the video seem to agree. 

"He’s a gem! Which means she’s gonna give you a run for your money!" one person joked.

This little sister is already so loved. We hope she gets to see this video herself when she's older so she'll know how much her big brother loved her, right from day one.