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Mom Posts Throwback of Kids Singing a Duet and TikTok Is Shook

OMG they are so talented!

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Some skills come with dedication, hard work, and practice, but some kids are just born gifted, and here are two very good examples of that. In a throwback video one mom shared on TikTok, we're getting a peek at exactly how talented her son and daughter really are at singing. Whoa! 

In a video, which Mom wrote she snagged from the "family archives," a brother and sister duo are sitting together on a couch in an RV, singing Harry Styles' song "Sign of the Times," as the sister strums on the ukelele. According to Mom's caption, they were nine and 11 years old when this performance was filmed.


The clip is just over a minute long, but it’s enough to prove that these little voices hold big power, and the commenters on the video certainly seemed to agree (and had high hopes that Styles himself would see this performance). 

"Their harmony is so beautiful and natural," one user wrote, while another added, "They’re both great, but that girl can SANG." 

In her caption, Mom explained that she was hoping the positive response to this video would encourage her daughter to share more of her singing, and after watching it, we definitely have to agree. 

Now, we just have one question: What will they sing together next?