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Mom Recording Son’s First Day At School Captures Little Brother’s Emotional Reaction

Mom definitely wasn’t expecting this.

Sometimes you turn on your camera to record one thing, and you end up getting footage of something else entirely...especially when you have kids. That's what happened to @nichellexoh when she took out her camera to capture her big boy walking into class on the first day of school so she could show her husband later. At first, everything was fine...we see the boy walking towards school with his backpack...and then, right at her side, her younger boy was having a moment of his own. A moment of pure heartbreak.


So sad! This poor little guy was so inconsolably bummed to see his big brother go off to school for the day. What will life be like without his big bro by his side all day? It's a scary new reality for little brother, too. It's just a part of life, but it still feels so huge and overwhelmingly sad to go through. Of course, when it's his time to go to school, he'll feel a lot more brave with his brother by his side...and that's when he'll be glad his brother went ahead and forged a path. In the meantime, though, times are rough. Commenters were relating big time.
"Ohh no.. my mama heart couldn’t take it. I burst into tears and I only have my 1 boy rn"
"his little heart was feeling things he couldn’t put to words"
"My son did this when his sister started school. He still does it every day when she goes to school and she started a month ago" 
"This made me tear up I have 2 boys that are 14 1/2 months apart and I can only imagine my little on oldest first day of school."
It's a rite of passage, but that doesn't make it any easier. Big brother must have gotten some serious hugs when he came home!