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Bride Does a First Look With Her Brothers and It’s the Sweetest Thing

They were stunned.

Brothers are famous for teasing their sisters. When you picture brothers and sisters growing up, you picture lots of play fighting and roughhousing and silliness, and not a lot of "Wow, you look really pretty today, sis."

That's what makes this video from @heartbeatfilms of a sister giving her brothers a first look of her in full bride regalia so touching. These brothers definitely aren't used to complementing their sister...they seem almost shy to see her looking so fancy. It's amazing what a beautiful bride dress and a veil can do to throw people off their game. 


So cute! The way they're so hesitant when they come in, almost like they don't want to touch her and mess her up...but then she brings them in for that hug and it's just so beautiful. And she's not leaving these brothers, no matter can tell they're going to be tight forever.

Commenters were so touched...
"the little bro gum smacking to hold back emotions"
"awww im not crying at all lol"
"That little one trying not to break down!!! We see you!!"
"That is absolutely beautiful - well done to the parents for raising such gentle brothers"
"They are so sweet stopppp"
"Love this relationship"
"Waww I 3 little brothers too I would love they see me first priceless moments"
"Awwwe how sweet and beautiful..The young one got me..He's holding in those tear's..You look stunning queen"

What a truly beautiful moment. No doubt there were many beautiful moments to be had that day, but this one was an especially lovely one to start the day with. And to start her new life with, too!