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Video of Brothers Getting Surprised That Their Baby Sister Is Finally Home From the NICU Is So Wholesome

Mom and dad will remember this reaction forever.

Giving birth is hard enough, but giving birth to a baby who will have to spend time in the NICU is especially challenging — for both the new parents and the rest of the family. It can be scary and disappointing when you don't get to welcome your little one into the family the way you envisioned, but sometimes, the way things actually work out is even better than you pictured. 

This might be true for one family who was able to give their daughter a very warm welcome when she was finally able to come home from the hospital. After spending nearly three weeks in the NICU, these parents surprised her big brothers by bringing her home, totally unexpected.


"After being in the hospital for 2 weeks and 5 days baby girl gets to go home and meet her brothers for the 1st time," Mom wrote in her caption.

The look on the boys' faces when they walked into the house to discover their baby sister there is almost definitely going to be something their parents remember forever! The younger bro is all smiles and keeps looking to see his big brother's reaction, and big bro is in tears looking at his little sister.

Those watching the video were totally touched by it. "Best big brother ever. You can tell by how much his little brother loves him," one person said of their relationship.

There's no doubt this baby girl has two big brothers who will always look out for her. This is one lucky family.