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Brothers Who Were Originally Sad Mom Wasn’t Having a Girl Change Their Tune the Moment She’s Born

She was the family’s missing puzzle piece.

Before new babies are born, everyone in the family already has a vision in their heads for what they hope it will be like, especially kids who are preparing for a new younger sibling. It's no surprise that a lot of girls would hope for a little sister and boys would hope for a little brother. But as we know, it doesn't always work out that way.

One family on TikTok is sharing what happened when their sons were hoping for a baby brother and ended up with a baby sister instead. They might have been disappointed at first, but that all changed when they finally got to meet her... 


Mom shared a video of her three sons at the gender reveal, and we can see the disappointment in their faces when the smoke bomb ended up being pink instead of blue like they'd hoped for. 

But then, she shared a clip of the boys sitting on the couch when they held their baby sister for the first time, and they couldn't hide their giant grins! Cue footage for the weeks after she was born, and it looks like these little boys hold their baby sis whenever they get the chance, and Mom even revealed that they learned how to be gentle with her.

"They put her needs above their own, they make her feel special, they had no idea they were missing a piece to their puzzle," Mom wrote. 

Just from watching these clips, we can see how much love is in this family ... and they are so protective of their little sis! We have a feeling they don't mind she wasn't a boy these days.