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Brothers Reunite After 8 Years and Their Long Hug Will Move You to Tears

Turn the sound on just to hear the wordless joy!

The bond between brothers can be so long that a pair of brothers can go years without seeing each other and pick up right where they left off when they reunite. The bonds formed during childhood are just so super strong, especially those shared with siblings. No matter where the world takes you throughout your lives, you'll always know your sibling is out there. 

This incredibly moving post from @vickymaan0001 shows the reunion of two brothers who haven't seen each other in 8 years. It seems like it might even be a surprise reunion, considering how shocked the brother was to see his bro show up on his doorstep. But maybe the shock was just from so much time having passed. Either way, these two are incredibly happy to see each other.


What a hug! You can see from the way these two greeted each other that they love each other so much and have missed each other in a major way for a long time. Not to mention all the cousins running around, happy to see each other, too. That's the power of family. While it must be said that not all siblings have such close relationships, and some stay away from each other by choice and it's better that way for everyone, when siblings do have a close relationship it's such a magical thing.

Commenters were totally moved...
"That hug is everything"
"He’s going to hug him to death! That’s love!"
"He needed that"
"love it, brought tears in my eyes...."
"He couldn’t hug him hard enough!!"
"He couldn't hug him enough love that they all had on Adidas, even the brother who answered the door"

People can't get enough of these two! So great that they're back together. Hopefully they won't have to part for 8 years again.