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Teen Brothers Have Sweetest Reaction to Seeing Sister Surprise Visit Them

They literally dropped everything.

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When you're the parent of more than one kid, all you want is for your kids to have a good relationship with each other. Well, that's not all you want, but it's pretty high up on the list. When they're little, that means you want them to share and play together without killing each other; when they're older, that means being sources of love and support to each other.

The siblings in this video from @happiestofficial are pretty much the poster children for teen siblings with good relationships. It's not clear how long they've been separated, but you only miss somebody like that when you love them with all your heart.

The way they hold on to her! And the way she keeps saying, "My boys!" It's just so moving. This is an incredibly tight-knit little group of siblings. You can only imagine that they're there for each other in every aspect of life. 

Commenters couldn't stop raving about this family...
"legend says they still hugging until this moment"
"two bodyguards of brothers, this bond is unbreakable, it's lovely to watch"
"You're blessed they love you so much"
"middle of 7 and none of us have this connection, bless you guys"

It's true, just because people are siblings doesn't automatically mean they're going to connect in a meaningful way. But when it happens the way it does with this family, it's truly magic. 

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