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25 Friends Showed Up to “Brunch Bomb” Friend on Her Birthday and Her Reaction Was Priceless

This is the type of squad you wanna roll with.

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As a mom, it can be really hard to make lasting friendships. It's already hard enough to find new friends as an adult, let alone ones who understand what life with kids is like. But that just means that when we find the right ones, we hold onto them forever.

And this particular group of mom friends who were recently featured in a viral TikTok video might just be the pinnacle of what we'd hope for in a squad. When one of them celebrated her birthday, 25 of her friends showed up at her house for a "brunch bomb," and we are jealous. If you don't know what a brunch bomb is, watch below — you're going to want one yourself after you see this.


"Most of us don't have a single family member within 200 miles of Nashville, so we made a family," the woman behind the video explained. "We've been going strong since our kids were babies. It really does take a village, and I'm so grateful that this is mine." 

So to celebrate one of their friends, everyone arrived with one element of brunch to her house, and judging by the look on her face when she answered the door, she was so surprised. How could anyone not feel so loved after seeing a crowd of people gathered together, waiting for you?

The brunch spread was pretty impressive, and it seems like everyone had a lot of fun. Throwing a brunch bomb might be something we should consider for our next occasion...