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Bride Stuffed Build-A-Bear With Letters For Future Husband to Open On Wedding Day and His Reaction Is Beautiful

They were 15 when they started dating...

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Most relationships we're in as teenagers don't last — it can be heartbreaking at the time, but it's true. We grow up so much in high school and the years following that most of us are totally different people by the time we hit our mid to late 20s, and not all relationships can survive those changes. It's only natural! 

But in rare cases, love does persist, and it makes it all the more meaningful to hear those stories. One woman shared her unique love story on TikTok. She and her husband started dating at 15 years old, and at the time, she had the foresight to do something that would make their wedding day even more special. 

At 15, she wrote a letter to him and stuffed it inside a Build-a-Bear for him to open on their wedding day, and yes, that day eventually did come, 9 years later.


Her faith in their relationship definitely paid off, and in the video, we can see her husband opening up the bear for the first time and seeing the photo and letter she put inside. All the feelings! 

He'd been holding onto that bear for so long, so it's no surprise there were tears involved when he read that letter. It's like a time capsule — how cool for them both to have this experience together! 

Their happily ever after started a long time ago, and they have the coolest story to share forever. 

Congratulations to them both!