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Mom Shares the Back to School Item Everyone Called Her “Crazy” For Buying

It’s sad, but it’s useful

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Once upon a time, shopping for back-to-school supplies meant notebooks and pencils, lunchboxes and crayons. And it still does, but now there's an added element nobody ever saw coming: safety. In an ideal world, parents could send their kids to school secure in the knowledge that they'd be safe from harm, but we unfortunately live in a world where school shootings are commonplace. What's a parent to do? @iamkrysk has a solution: a bullet-proof backpack insert. 


"This could've saved a litte kid's life." So scary, but true. It's completely understandable why any parent would feel this accessory is necessary. "The fact that these had to be made is devastating," said one commenter, while others pointed out that because kids put their backpacks in their locker during the class, this wouldn't offer all-day protection. Still, it might make parents feel like they're at least doing something to keep their kids safe. And it also might make kids who are afraid to go to school feel a little bit braver. After all, at the end of the day all parents want is for their kids to be safe at school. If that means sending your kid with a bulletproof backpack insert, that's just fine.