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Kids Bully Little Boy For Having Light Eyebrows So Mom Lets Him Dye Them and People Are Cheering

No mom-shaming here and everyone loves it!

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It's super hard to raise kids who feel good in their bodies and honestly like themselves no matter what anybody says to them or however mean a bully might be about their physical appearance or abililty or any other trait, because we all know bullies can find a way to make fun about pretty much anything. 

In this hilarious and adorable video from @allstyleschancecup, we meet a little boy who's just been bullied for having light eyebrows. He was apparently told that he looked like he shaved his (very blonde) eyebrows off. So, he went to his mom (who's apparently a professional stylist of some type) and told her that he wanted to darken his eyebrows. Her reaction? No problem! That's what "Just for Men" is all about.

You have to love how amazingly positive this mom is making the whole experience, and how she's allowing her son to take the lead when it comes to how he wants to look and giving him all the support he needs. As she explained in another video, she did have a talk with him about not having to change yourself to please other people and accepting yourself for who you are, but he still wanted to darken his eyebrows, so they went for it!

Commenters were so impressed with her attitude...
"I love the dynamic you have with your kids omg"
"This is perfect! I have 3 ginger babies and they all look eyebrow-less. Love this idea"
"I love this! Whatever makes him happy, hair is temporary after all. You're teaching them to talk to you openly about how they feel in their bodies"

That last comment is true. This mom's kids will always know that they can come to her with self image issues and be 100% seen and heard. That's a pretty huge deal!

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