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Mom Notices Something Truly Heartbreaking On Her Daughter’s Christmas Wish List

Let this be a reminder that every person is fighting an unseen battle.

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Usually by Thanksgiving, parents who celebrate Christmas have already asked their kids to come up with a Christmas list... if they haven't taken it upon themselves to create on already, that is. Sometimes that comes in the form of a letter to Santa, and sometimes, it looks a bit more like a shopping list. It's all the usual stuff — Barbies, Hot Wheels, a pet horse or two.

But some kids wish for things that you can't buy on a store for Christmas, and it's absolutely heartbreaking as a parent when you find out they're hoping for something you can't give them. One little girl's Christmas list is going viral on TikTok, and we totally understand why her mom said her "heart sank" when she read it.

At first, there are the usual items that a lot of eight year olds are probably hoping to find under the tree on Christmas morning this year: Squishmallows, and iPad and an Apple pencil, Mini Brands, and iPhone. A pretty pricy list, but also pretty typical. 

But down at the bottom of the list were two requests that really broke our hearts to see: she asked for "more friends" and "less bullying to me." Oh, this sweet baby.

"I wasn’t going to post this, but you know what... this is being 8 years old in 2022 and maybe we should be talking about it," Mom captioned the video. 

This is good to talk about, because this little girl definitely isn't the only one who feels this way. And not only did she get a lot of sympathy from those who commented, but plenty of people encouraged this mom to reach out to her daughter's teacher for help. 

Hopefully, things get easier for this little one soon. Now that her mom knows something's up, maybe she'll be able to get her some help. 

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